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Robert Hahn, Vice President of External Operations
Do you enjoy the weekly Queen of Hearts or spending time with friends and family during the Homecoming carnival? How about watching the local children participate in the Halloween Parade or Easter egg hunt? Turner Hall could really use more volunteers to help us serve all the people coming to Mount Olive to partake in such events. Turner Hall is a nonprofit, so other than a few paid bartenders, all the people you see hustling around during these events are volunteers. You still have fun if you’re helping out. Being in the trenches with us is a good way to get to know some great people!

Volunteer positions require you to be an official member of Turner Hall. For the low cost of $15 individual or $25 couple, you can join and help us sponsor scholarships and fun community events like Queen of Hearts. To join, simply fill out a membership card from the downstairs bar and provide payment for an individual or couple. New members are voted in on the second Monday of every month. Thank you for your help. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Introducing some of our volunteers:
Thank you for your interest in joining Mt. Olive Turner Hall.

For questions regarding membership:
Gabriel Dexheimer, President
Kim Lebonte, Treasurer
Ernest Parish, Vice President of Internal Operations
Jeri Scheller, Secretary